HUMBLE HERO: Sympathetic Nigerian Saved Pregnant Woman From Kirikiri Prison

A sympathetic and generous Nigerian has rescued a pregnant woman from being sent to Kirikiri Prison for failing to return money to her neighbour.

Following reports about the woman who was remanded and brought before court for her inability to repay the N70,000 dept, a Nigerian who asked for anonymity contacted the PM News editors and handed over the necessary amount of money to be forwarded to the court through the defendant.

It will be recalled that Fasilat Yusuf borrowed N70,000 from her neighbour, Sunday Adebowale in February, 2013 and was arrested seven months later on a two-count charge of fraud and stealing. The woman could have faced a prison term in Kirikiri Prison, Apapa, unless she had paid N20,000 in the shortest time.

According to the unnamed man who saved Fasilat and her child from the unenviable fate, it was a gratuitous donation that did not oblige woman to refund money in the future. Both defendant and complainant appeared in the court and Sunday Adebowale finally collected his money On June 9, 2014.

The complainant also signed an agreement to that effect and a withdrawal letter in the presence of the prosecutor. Inspector Williams reported the development to Chief Magistrate Elias who did not object to the arrangement. However, both parties must appear in the court on 30 June, 2014 when the withdrawal will be made public in the open court and the case struck out.

Fasilat was all smiles as she went home with her baby which she delivered at home on 7 June, 2014. 

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