Ghana, A Nation Full of People Who Glorify Lies & Hate the TRUTH!

Without contempt, I can boldly say the default Ghanaian mindset works in an absurd manner and probably, some of the important connecting wires which help in critical thinking and truth seeking have been damaged.

How can a country be full of people who entertain such a deep revulsion for truth and rather, glorify ourselves in lies—presenting false as true and constantly oppressing the truth and those who decide to break away from the populace trait, to say the truth?

Ironic, every Ghanaian knows the real truth behind whatever situation at any point in time but for some incomprehensible reason, we see majority of people peddling lies and defending to death propaganda while pushing the truth into the dark.

Even though multiple propagation of false does not make the claim being spread true, it surely distorts events and portrays those championing that course as dishonest individuals with inherent hatred for truth. This is what each day has become in Ghana—no one wants to hear or say the truth.

From our politicians to the journalists (not forgetting the pastors) the truth is never said but vigorous efforts are made each day to feed the targets with well thought-of forged information.

At first, I thought most Ghanaians are lazy when it comes to truth searching but then I realized, it is something coded into our DNA. Even if the true lies as obvious as the sun in front of us, we will turn a blind eye to it and still call it the moon.

Therefore, it is not a case where you would argue that, it is difficult to find the truth in certain circumstances; it is a case of the ordinary Ghanaian loathing the truth and loving the lie.

If it is vividly black, a Ghanaian will say it is blue black. Mostly such a person will have something to gain and sometimes, will be covering up for someone else—forgetting that no matter the joules of energy pumped into hiding the truth, it will eventually find it way to top.

There is no amount of honesty left in our minds and we do not regard truth as the cornerstone of morality or a debt we owe one another as people.

Our inherent detest for telling and hearing the truth has taken centre stage in whatever we do—handing over awards and praises to people who we agree in our hearts as unworthy of them. And defending people whose actions or omissions do not warrant any bit of support, except condemnation…

It is what it is and it has become the dominating club with people who take the risk to speak out the truth being instantaneously branded traitors—the Ghanaian word for such people is ‘HATERS’.

Everyone who speaks the truth or loves to hear the truth is tagged a HATER in Ghana and for as little as 100 GHS, a Ghanaian will do all within his or her reach to oppress the truth and give relevance to falsehood. If it is “A”, a Ghanaian will prefer to say it is “Q” and if you dare state the obvious, you will forever remain in his or her book of enemies. Even at hell, he or she will continue to call you a hater and your crime will be simple—just because you said the obvious truth.

Over the years, I’ve had countless people come to me and say, “Chris this is Ghana, you cannot write like that and you cannot say this or that, though we all know you saying the truth”. And then I get confused; what can I say then? So if something is visibly bad, I am not allowed to say it, I should just ignore it as if I’ve not seen it or just lie and say, it is good.

I understand the underlying consequence. If I peddle lies, not only will I not hurt anyone or be worried about the hovering darkness, I will also have good friends (those doing bad that cannot be said).

I cannot mention the number of times journalists and other writers have said to me, “Chris you are able to run GhanaCelebrities.Com on the pillars of ‘truth telling’ and saying it as it is because as the Editor, you do not live in Ghana. If you did, there was no way you could possibly put out there some of the truths you say”. Do you catch the threatening nature of the situation?

Considering the premise that Ghana ‘flourishes’ on lies and has a population of lying bastards, I perfectly understand where these people are coming from. It is easier and profitable to lie in Ghana than to engage in any sort of enterprise that ‘champions’ truth telling. Even in the West, standing for the hardcore truths has its own consequences—think of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and others…

If you’ve been thinking the Ghanaian has difficulty in separating lies from truths, then you’ve been lost for long. We just by choice have decided to be liars, while welcoming falsehood with open arms—in the face of all the merits and honour associated with championing the ‘truth cause’.

Ghana is in such a mess, with no hope for things getting better because we failed to tell ourselves the obvious truths and we continue to do the same. Most Ghanaians have sold their conscience to those who can pay them its low value—making them stooges to the throne of lies.

The Ghanaian hates saying what is true, just as he/she hates being told the truth. It’s always been this, if you don’t want to be crashed, join the bystanders and put your hands behind your back—and pretend as if nothing atrocious is happening. Even if you like, you can close your eyes and sing out some hymns…