EDAIF provides more funds to Ghanaian businesses

The Board of the Export Trade, Agricultural and Industrial Development Fund (EDAIF), has approved about GHC 21 million to seven Ghanaian businesses and institutions.

Out of the seven businesses and institutions that received support, six were awarded grants totaling about GHC 20 million, while one (1) received short term loan of about GHC 1 million.

The short term loan was approved to supplement the working capital of a cashew nut firm.

The grant approvals were extended over a variety of supports: the production of sandals for school children; the production of pineapple suckers; the transformation of organic waste into organic fertilizer; shea butter-processing; the production and export of melons as part of diversifying the export base of the economy; and support of activities of some government institutions.

The Board and Management of EDAIF wish to encourage Ghanaian businesses to contact the organization for further information on its activities.

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