Big welcome for Black Stars in Brazil as hundreds turn up to see Ghana players

Thousands of people lined up the streets of the Brazilian state of Alagoas to welcome the Black Stars in Brazil as they arrived in the country on Wednesday night for the World Cup.

The Black Stars touched down at the Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport before being whisked away to the suburb of Maceio amid tight security for the Ghana delegation.

As the Black Stars drove through the streets of Maceio thousands lined the streets to greets the players and officials with many producing Ghana and the Alagoas flag.

The Black Stars were received by the Governor of Alagoas, Teotonio Vilela Filho, Mayor Rui the base during the World Cup.

The players were greeted with many cheers and slogans hailing the Black Stars, with many students, football fans, Alagoans and Africans, who were across the street.

The Governor and the mayor delivered a letter of welcome to the Ghana team.

Teotonio and Rui highlighted their delight o receive the Black Stars in Maceio: ‘It is a great joy to receive in Alagoas the Ghana team, which is a very strong team; ‘ll cheer first with Brazil and then in Ghana, ‘Vilela said.

Rui Palmeira also said it was ‘a joy and great satisfaction to receive the Black Stars’ and congratulated all.

The secretary Álvaro Machado said that one of the benefits that come from Ghana staying in in Maceio is that they will host international journalists from various countries, mainly from Germany and Portugal, which is good for the state.

Fans crowded early on the doorstep of the Black Stars team hotel and the number was growing: while awaiting the African delegation at the door. Students displayed posters and brandishing flags of Brazil, Ghana and Alagoas, and made a lot of noise with horns and whistles .

A student Adelino Quetta from Cape Verde but las lived in Maceio for four years and studying Environmental Engineering at the Union of Colleges of Alagoas (Unifal) was among the fans.

He was accompanied by a group of students of the educational institution and the Center for Advanced Studies in Maceio (Cesmac), with posters written in African languages ??that read Akwaba in Maceio, meaning ‘Welcome to Maceio’. They reported that they were a force to give the players.

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