A Former Director-General Suggests ‘Morgue Baptism’ For Ministers

A Former Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, has said he believes an hour’s visit to the mortuary by all ministers will be an effective tool to reduce corruption in government.

According to the pathologist-turned-politician, “all ministers should be taken to the Korle-Bu Mortuary to experience at firsthand how dead bodies are treated.”

In his view, the experience would teach them a lesson that would discourage them from becoming corrupt and running down the nation’s coffers.

Speaking on Adom FM and Asempa FM’s Burning Issues on how to ensure better governance in Ghana, Prof. Akosa stated, “I believe most of the ministers today will collapse in the morgue if they witness an autopsy being conducted – but those who will survive it will learn a very big lesson about life and become less corrupt.”

Prof. Akosa expressed concern that over the years, efforts at fighting corruption had yielded very little results because most of the ministers had no consideration for others.According to him, most ministers thought they would never die, which is the reason why they engage in corruption. He said “when they come to the morgue and see how human remains are arranged, they will see that ‘man never is’ [ie Man is worth nothing]”.

Meanwhile some Ghanaians who spoke with Adom News support Prof. Akosa’s recommendation. Some even insist that the baptism should start with the President.