US Troops Are Not Leaving Nigeria Until

The US authorities have claimed that American troops deployed to Nigeria in connection with Chibok girls find-and-rescue operation will remain in the country until the girls are found.

Goodluck Jonathan and Barack Obama

Photo: Goodluck Jonathan and Barrack Obama

Briefing journalists in Washington, DC yesterday, through the Department of State spokesperson Marie Harf, US President Barrack Obama expressed his confidence that the students would be discovered.

American leader also pointed out that the US would fight human rights violations in Nigeria, Leadership reports. 

Harf was quoted saying:

“So we’ve been very open at times about our concern about Nigeria’s human rights record. Obviously, this is a key topic of conversation, especially when we’re talking about counter-terrorism.”

It was made known that the US administration was concerned about the rights issues “in the Nigerian government or military” and promised to return to that problem soon.

Meanwhile it has been almost 2 months since more than 200 girls were abducted from Chibok school, Borno State, by Boko Haram militants. 

In the beginning of the last month Obama offered Goodluck Jonathan to send US troops to Nigeria to assist with the operation, which offer was immediately accepted by the Nigerian President. This stage gave fresh hope to the nation, however despite all the efforts the girls have not reunited with their families.

Obama’s government later severely criticized Nigerian authorities over being too slow in finding solution to Boko Haram menace and specifically over early reluctance to accept help from America.

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