Speaker Of Parliament Carps Prez Mahama…You Have Breached The Law

Failure on the part of President Mahama to inform parliament about his recent ministerial appointment before carrying out the act, has landed him in hot waters as the speaker of the house joins fellow legislators to carp him.

The Speaker of Parliament Edward Doe Adjaho stated that it was legitimate for members of the house to pummel the president for deciding to make such a sensitive matter reach the media first before communicating it to them.

Within the past weeks, President Mahama announced a ministerial reshuffle.

Although the laws of the land require him to inform Parliament about it, he did that without their concern.

Member of Parliament for Sekondi, Papa Owusu Ankamah also described the president’s action as unacceptable and pointed out that “when he fails to put Parliament in the know then the inference is that he doesn’t consider the role of Parliament in respect of appointment to be urgent. So Parliament should never be stampeded into approving or considering the President’s nomination.”

The Speaker agreed with the concerns raised by the Sekondi MP and remarked that “the sentiments expressed on the floor of this House on this matter is a very legitimate one and I share the sentiments expressed by members. Policies as much as possible must be announced on the floor of this House”.