Revealed: Why Ladies Prefer Bad Boys and How You Can Become Bad Too


A friend in the UK, sent an email to me last week expressing discomfort of his current relationship.

” I tick all the boxes ” he started. “I do everything the normal typical guy should do, in fact I even go ahead to do more than I should do”.

” For my qualities; well Femi, at 6ft2 girls would fancy me. Am handsome, and of course well built. Am every girls dream, but why she doesn’t fancy me is beyond me. ”

He concluded: ” Shockingly, I just found out she is dating a far lesser guy than me. Who is arrogant, cocky and more of a bad boy. ”

Without having no idea of a reply, I decided to ask myself the rhetorical question…Do girls like bad boys?

Ladies would always remind you that they want a nice guy, who is handsome, well off, rich and extremely caring? But in a strange twist of fate, end up with arrogant men who are selfish, bad, and who pick themselves first.

According to Askmen, “Bad boys aren’t bad all the time” explains Lucia.

“They do have their good side, however, since they almost always put themselves first, they rarely show that side. Women become addicted to the bad boy because he ‘rewards’ them with loving behaviour occasionally — but not all the time, like the nice guy.” Lucia concluded.

There’s absolutely nothing perfect in this world, especially in Nigeria. Searching for an utopia relationship is simply an illusion, so when Nice guys act overly nice, and I mean extremely nice, some ladies find it boring.

That correlates with the predicament of not being real enough. Nice guys are often too nice. They act like they can ostensibly make heaven on earth for their ladies.

Realistically, Women by instinct won’t buy that. After two or three sour relationships, ladies are well oriented on what to expect from boys. And that is where Bad boys wins because they keep it very real.

Ester, a university course mate told me laconically ” I don’t date nice guys because they are mostly fake. ”

Bad boys are always a challenge. You don’t know what to expect from them; their actions, looks, behaviours all change from time to time, and ladies love that.

For Nice guys, well they are predictable and boring- There’s no fun in the relationship, and you wonder why ladies cheat?

An article from Yourtango orchestrates this; ” Nice guys don’t usually need to be
fixed. Bad boys usually do, so they become a project. Women think if they can “create” the perfect man, he will never leave them. Also, if they’re busy fixing someone else, they don’t have to look at what needs to be fixed in their own lives.”

When s*x comes into a relationship, ladies want the uppermost satisfaction of it, simply because they hope to get it only from you instead of searching for it outside, which culminates to them being named a slut.

Sadly, most nice guys are too soft in bed.
They are not demanding, skillful, and do more of the love-s*x thing. Occasionally, ladies love to be manhandled in bed, and they logically feel a Bad Boy can handle and deliver.

Confidence is certainly another advantage of dating a Bad Boy. They are not afraid of walking up to any lady and expressing what they like, though sometimes rude. In contrast, Nice guys are shy. They mostly rely on patience and fate to bring them close to their target.

No wonder this quote from Mademen is gold; ” If a bad boy will kick someone’s a*s for disrespecting him, imagine what he’ll do to preserve the honor of his lady?”

Finally, before writing this post, a group of girls on my whatsapp chat told me: Nice guys? We don’t want a nice guy. We want a confident guy.

Ladies you choose- Nice Guy or a Bad Boy?