Importance Of s*xual Moans

The art of s*x is intensely interesting as every person acts and reacts in different ways. Studies have shown that moaning during s*x has mutual benefits for both partners involved in the lovemaking act.


Making love to a motionless and and voiceless mate is like having it with a log of wood or a dead body. No doubt, feedback is important. Otherwise, how can you determine what works for your partner and what does not?

Here are some of the great importance of moaning during s*x:

Assurance of Pleasure

You might be the “soft-moans” type, or the “the-scream-aloud” type and amazingly, and even the facial expressionist but all in all, when any of these s*xual communication methods is used, your partner, one way or the other knows you enjoy he or she is doing you right at that moment.

Oiling the Ego of your man

No man wants to be seen as a failure in the bedroom department. Ladies, each time you moan or communicate sexually to him, you remove some residual insecurities of low self esteem and many more from your man. He goes about the day’s activities fulfilled!

Great and enhanced s*xual lifestyle

Here, the logic is, if you moan or communicate to your partner in your own s*xual way, your partner will from time to time where he/she needs to touch and what he/she needs to do to take you to the desired cloud nine. This. overtime, makes the both of you understand each other’s exact needs and will birth a fulfilled s*x life.

You will get much more

Like the Oliver Twist, when your partner gets “on-the-spot-feedbacks”, he/she tends to want to do more so as to make you get more pleasure. Trust your instincts…he/she would just do more!

Although not all feedbacks or s*x communications need to be vocal, the most important thing is to be genuine and also to know the exact signal your partner uses in getting across to you to avoid frustrations. So, if it is not working, tell your partner how to make it work because you deserve a great s*x life! It is important.

– by Adams Odunayo