How to Be the Woman He’ll Always Come Home To

article-2013616014082250902000Earlier this year I went away for a weekend to spend time with my girlfriends. It was amazing! We did all of the things women tend to do when they get together. We ate well, drank wine, laughed, cried and shared our hopes and dreams. My spirit was so refreshed and energized when I returned home.

As a busy wife and mother with a thriving career, it was nice for me to just be me for a few days. My only responsibilities were to let my hair down, relax, and have a good time. I realized after the trip that I needed more of that. I need to connect more often with who I am as a woman and do things that make me feel like myself (like spending time with my friends). Because after all, it was me being me that compelled my husband to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him!

Staying in touch with who you are as a person is the secret to being the woman your husband will always want to come home to.

Staying in touch with who you are as a person is what I have identified as the secret to being the woman your husband will always come home to. It’s not about staying the exact same person you were when you got married, because truthfully speaking, we are all constantly growing and evolving as people. The heart of what I’m saying here is that it’s important to remember who you are and do your best not to lose your sense of self in your relationship.

Over the years it’s easy to get caught up in your husband’s life, your job, the kids, your family, and so on. As women, we are supreme multi-taskers that are known for putting the needs of others before our own. But in doing that, however, we do ourselves a disservice.

When I’m happy, it’s contagious in my home. We laugh more and do fun things together.

When I’m feeling good physically by taking care of my body through diet and exercise, I’m in a better mood, which typically leads to more s*x.

When I’m rested and relaxed, I have time to think of new dishes to try for dinner, instead of the same old, same old.

When I’m thriving spiritually, I’m able to cover my husband in prayer (in all things) and we handle conflict so much better!

Ladies, we are no good to our families when we are stressed out and burned out all the time. If you need a break, ask for it. If you are missing your girlfriends, call them up and schedule a lunch date. If you rarely do things that make you feel especially beautiful, like a fresh mani-pedi, set up your appointment at the nail salon. If you want a creative outlet, sign up for a pottery class or take Zumba!

Your needs are important too, and it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while! Remember that self care is part of creating a happy home – one that your man will always want to come to.