Cossy Orjiakor Goes Crazy At Surprise Birthday Party (PHOTOS, 18+)

Actress, singer and model Cossy Orjiakor shared explicit photos from birthday party of upcoming singer Tristar.

Cossy Orjiakor took her twitter to show off some crazy photos where she allows Tristar to lick some cream from her breasts.

It’s worth mentioning that Cossy was wearing rather revealing leopard dress that left no room for imagination.

“Surprise birthday party for Trista right now in d Playgirl Mansion. Hmm..d stripper is busy tonight..Wanted to embarrass Trista heard he is still a virgin. Will make em guys work d pole,” Cossy wrote.

Recently, Cossy Orjiakor revealed that her life is in danger as her tenants threatened to kill her.

See Cossy Orjiakor’s tweets below (WARNING: Explicit Contert!):

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