We’ll Resist NDC’s Attempt To Register Foreigners

STUNNAD has gathered that the ruling NDC government is embarking on another rigging tactics in the Volta, Central and Upper West regions through mass NHIS registrations. Our information is that people from Togo and Burkina-Faso are being transported through Manuso border, Honuta border, Shianu border, Leklebi border, Aflao border, Batema junction all in the Volta region for free NHIS registration in order to issue them voters ID cards.

An electoral officer in Volta region who is not in support of this evil plot has confidently disclosed that a Togolese town known as Kpadzahor, which shares border with a Ghanaian town Afegame in the Kpetoe-ziope district is being used as one of the numerous towns to register foreigners. “In 2008, I was the registration officer there and I happened to witness what transpired there.

Many Togolese matched from the north to the south to be registered as voters there including children under 18 years. I tried my best to prevent but I was threatened with death,” the official claimed. About 70% of residents at Kpadzahor who are Togolese have been registered under health insurance scheme.

The official also maintained when he later feigned interest and enquired about this illegal activity, he was informed that the free registration there was sponsored by the Member of Parliament for the area Juliana Azumah MENSAH, who is allegedly running a promotion to register people freely under the scheme and paying them GH¢ 5.00. Now they have started again with the help of the districts NHIS officers and the MP.”

“At the Polling Station name, EP church number 1 code D100103 in Kpetoe. A woman came with a health insurance to card from Agohome, a small town in Togo to register as a voter. After interviewing her as a registration officer, I found out that she is a Togolese. I reported the case to the police commander and the lady confirmed that she was from Togo and the health insurance authorities came to register them and asked them to use the card for voter’s registration. She informed us that they were many but have spread around other centers”.

At Akpokope primary school, code number D100801, this polling station harbored one of the major fraud in the 2012 registration in the whole Kpetoe-ziope district. Motor bikes were used to convey the “Togolese to the registration center and I was made to understand that anybody who gets registered was paid. Interestingly these people were paid by one of the chiefs in the district.

Information got to us that the boys who were aiding the registration were as also paid and given lunch as well. Two days to the end of the registration I went there to witness a massive fraud where people were loaded in a tipper truck and brought to the center to register.”

In the central region, there is a house in Agona Swedru where people from Mali are being housed for free registrations of NHIS cards and voter’s cards.

STUNNAD has gathered that about 73 of these Malians were given free NHIS cards in Agona West NHIS office. The distribution is done between the late hours of 7:00 pm to 10:30pm alone. These foreigners are being used as an electoral machine that aids non-Ghanaians to vote in even district level elections. We are reliably informed that these people have been promised huge money to start business in Agona Mansakrom, Nantifa, Kwayanko, Nyarkrom, Kwaman, Lower Bobikuma and other small villages in Agona. There are NDC party men and women who are aiding these foreigners to get rented houses within the municipal. The same evil strategies have been done in Gomoa West, Ekumfi Esaakyire, Assin North, some villages in Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese district.

At the Upper West borders, Burkina-Faso nationals are being issued with free NHIS cards plus GH¢20 and a promise of money for a business in the southern Ghana, to be fulfilled later.

We wish to call on every patriotic Ghanaian to help resist these diabolic and evil plans of the NDC. No foreigner should be allowed to register in the coming voter’s registrations. We will not allow the NDC to take Ghanaians for granted again. We will resist any foreigner who will use NHIS card as a proof of being Ghanaian for voter’s registrations.

We therefore ask for the immediate arrest of MP Juliana Azumah MENSAH and all her accomplices to face the law. We again demand that the current voters’ register, which is already tainted, should be thrown out for a fresh registration of every voter for the 2016 elections.


Chris Arthur, National President, STUNNAD (0541173031/ 0501356514)

Justice Adu Asiedu, Organizer (0207760327)