We follow ‘dumsor’ timetable religiously in Ashanti Region – ECG

The Ashanti Region branch of the Electricity Corporation of Ghana has vehemently dismissed claims the corporation is on a deliberate agenda to deny residents power supply.

The residents claim due to their perceived support for the opposition New Patriotic Party, the government through ECG is punishing them with frequent, unannounced power cuts.

Even though there is a national power crisis which has led to a power rationing policy, across the country, the residents in Kumasi claim, the frequency with which their lights are taken is a major source of worry.

On Tuesday, several thousands of residents lined the streets of Kumasi to protest among other things the unceremonious power outages in the region.

Some of the demonstrators claimed not a single day passes without a painful experience of a power outage in the Ashanti Region.

But speaking to Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh, the Ashanti Region Public Relations Officer of the ECG Erasmus Baidoo said due to the power crisis facing the country, they have been asked by GRIDCO to shed some amount of load to keep the system running.

He said there is a timetable published in all national newspapers, detailing which areas in the Ashanti Region would experience lights out and which places would not.

Mr Baidoo however stated that there are times they do not stick to the timetable because of an Automatic Frequency Load Curtailment Device (AFLS) which has been installed in the network.

“Apart from the normal load shedding upon which we have the timetable we have the AFLS which also adds to the load that we have shed. That really is the problem,” he admitted.

He was quick to add however that the AFLS is not a deliberate to make things difficult for people in Kumasi.

He said the AFLS has been installed in the Central and Western Region and even in parts of Accra.

He found it difficult to understand why anybody would suggest that the ECG in Ashanti Region is embarking on a deliberate plan to worsen their plight with the AFLS.

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