Sleepy hosts: Maceio ready to host the Black Stars

by Godfred Akoto Boafo,Maceio
If the aim of the Ghana Football Association was to pick a location with no distractions for the Black Stars World Cup base then they have succeeded.

Welcome to Maceio,a sleepy seaside city that looks like it is not part of the Wold Cup buzz that is hitting Brazil. On arrival at the Zumbi dos Palmares airport,I was left wondering whether i had arrived in the right city.

There is absolutely no indication at the airport of a world cup or the expected arrival of a World Cup team. Maybe my expectations were too high considering I was arriving from Sao Paulo which is awash with excitement.

My driver cum guide kept assuring me that the buzz will come from Thursday when the opening game is played but from my attempts to make conversation about the World Cup and his responses,i surmised he would not be one of the expected viewers.

Maceio truly comes alive at the Avenida Doutour Antonio Gouveia,a beach front littered with hotels including the plush Radisson Hotel,the base of the Black Stars.

That part of the city is quite and incredibly beautiful with old fashioned boats and canoes lined up on the water front.It certainly will be relaxing for the team.

En route to my modest accomodations next door to the Black Stars hotel,a concierge from the Radisson approached me and enquired.

“What time is the football team coming?They have not even called us.Do you know the time they arrive?”

I most certainly did not but the Black Stars are set to enjoy their three week stay in a city trying to change the name of it’s stadium from Estadio Rei Pele (Yes it it named after him) to a queen’s name.

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