Sala: "No Woman Wants A Lazy Man For A Husband"

Just as every man wishes to land a fresh catch, so do women. Most women may not look twice at a divorced man for a husband except for a few. Young rising musician, Sala, is one of those few; she does not mind marrying a divorcee.

Sala’s choice, however, comes with conditions. She told Showbiz in an interview last week, that the man must be well to do, hard working and of good character.

According to Sala, she is very selective and would not settle for anything less because she knows where she is from and where she is heading to.

“Yes, I do not have a problem if he is divorced and can take care of me, after all no woman wants a lazy man for a husband. If I love him and he also loves me and there is trust, it doesn’t matter what people would think about me. At the end of the day, I am the one involved and if I am not bothered, I do not see why others should”, she said.

“I do not want to be the cause of a broken home but if the man was divorced before I met him then it is a cool but if the story is the other way round, then I will quit because I see such an act to be shameful”, she said.

Commenting on how she will feel if the man has kids and she has to compete with the other woman for finances, she said: “I do not mind, I love kids and together we will take care of the children. He is the father of the children and needs to provide for them so if the mother of the children will have to be around to ensure that the responsibility is met, then I have no problem”.

“I will only have an issue if it gets too much but even before I jump into that relationship, I will do a background check, probe into the divorce and ensure he is truly divorced and that he feels nothing for the other woman because I am a very jealous lady. If I want you, I want you for myself I would not want to share you with any other woman not even the mother of your children” she added.

In an answer to what she will do if her husband leaves her for another woman since he has divorced before and can do it again Sala said,“I am not perturbed that the same thing could be done to me because I know men will always be men, it is a matter of you learning how to keep the man and that is exactly what I will focus on.”

She also cleared the air saying that, there is no feud between her and her former management, Paradise Entertainment.

“I left because my contract ended and we both realised that, we had other projects we would love to embark on so it was a collective decision” she said.

Sala described herself as a very quiet and calm person who does not do friends because she doesn’t trust anyone. She loves kids, watching movies and always wants to put smiles on the faces of people who come into contact with her.

Sala was born Salamatu Yakubu. She grew up in Accra, where she had her basic education. Aside singing, Sala is also a model, a songwriter and an aspiring actress.

Currently under her own label, 7th Entertainment, she has songs such as Falling, Mama, Fakye, My Love, On My Mind, Today Na Today, Need U Now and Oh My God.