NPP National Leadership Must Disband GAKE & CONAA

I would like to use your medium to contribute my ideas to the debate on who becomes the flagbearer of NPP in the December 6th Presidential Primaries. It is extremely obvious that if the 2012 flagbearer of the NPP Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo picks up nominations forms to contest for the NPP Primaries, it would be difficult for any other aspirant to beat him.

Most traders, teachers, delegates and non delegates interviewed are of the opinion Akufo Addo has demonstrated statesmanship and an insatiable love for peace especially after the Supreme Court verdict.

However, many people within and outside the NPP are not happy with the noise been made on our airwaves by Get Alan Kyerematen Elected (GAKE) and Crusaders of Nana Akufo Addo (CONAA).

The conduct of the Leadership of GAKE & CONAA is so disgusting and outrageous that it is driving people off our party. It is very clear these two groups were formed not to prosecute the agenda of both Mr. Kyerematen and Nana Akufo Addo but the leaders of these groups have their own agenda they are using these fine gentlemen to prosecute.

Everyone who cares about someone winning presidential primaries in NPP must first know Radio and TV stations have no polling station executives. The delegates are in Tsetsekaasum, Papagya, and Tikobu no1, Jakobu, Budwesango, Bungkprugu-Yonyon, Asebu, Atebubu, Dambai, Balai, Yeji, Odododiodio, Zebilla and Garu Timpani.

If GAKE and CONAA are truly established by the young men and women to actually campaign for both Nana Akufo Addo and Alan Kyerematen, then they should know the delegates list of all the 275 constituencies, regional executives in the 10 regions, National Council members as well as founding members of NPP in Ghana and by now would have started texting, calling and appealing to them to vote for their preferred candidate or aspirant.

If they truly love NPP and the leaders they profess to be supporting, they wouldn’t resort to Insults, slander, aspersions and innuendos on radio. This kind of politics is alien to NPP. Politics of insults can best be described as GUTTER POLITCS and perpetrators must be sanctioned by the National executives. I am in support of the young electoral area coordinator who stormed the studios of Adom fm last week to admonish both Hopeson Adorye and Okatakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang to show respect to the Party’s constitution and to respect the good people of the party who have sacrificed their resources, energy and life to bring the party to her current status.

I am calling on the National Leadership of NPP to ban all these splinter groups. Their conducts so far is very disgusting and appalling. Also, I urge both Nana Addo and Alan Kyerematen to rein in their supporters. Let them focus on the delegates and stop the “koo kaa, koo kaa” on the airwaves.

Also, the National Leadership must as a matter of urgency, roll out a code of conduct regulating the activities of FUNCLUBS or Splinter groups towards the presidential primaries.

Further, Radio stations must also ignore the cacophony of these groups and focus on what would build this country and her people.

To CONAA & GAKE, in the Political world, no amounts of insult has ever fed a hungry person, healed a sick person, mend a broken bridge, built a formidable party or develop a nation. An eye for an eye in NPP would leave everyone blind and a tooth for a tooth would lead us toothless.

Insults would not win your candidate any votes. The people of Ghana are looking up to the NPP to save us from the economic hardship the NDC government has plunged this country into. Prices of goods and services are high, Transportation cost has gone beyond the rooftops, most mothers can’t pay school fees, and rent is also up. Infact everything good under NDC has gone down and everything bad in this country has gone up. “Up is now down and down is now up in Ghana”.

Workers, parents, and ordinary Ghanaians are looking up to the NPP to unite our front to win power, fix the tattered economy and show leadership to the rest of Africa. It is never too late to say no to INSULTS. Let’s do a clean campaign, elect our flagbearer, unite our front and with one voice, chase the incompetent NDC from the seat of power.

Long live NPP

Long live Ghana