My husband drinks to stupor- Woman Tells Court

A housewife, Memunat Wahab, on Tuesday told an Ilorin Area Court that her husband, Yusuf Wahab is a drunk, and solicited an end to the marriage.

Divorce Decree

*Divorce Decree

Memunat, who approached the court for the dissolution of her marriage said, alleged that Wahab was fond of drinking alcohol.

“My husband drinks to stupour and shouts every night in the street, thus disturbing the peace of the environment” sahe said. “His drunken behaviour has made some of our neighbours to believe that my husband is mentally sick, which is not so”. 

The plaintiff, who stays at Adabata area of Ilorin, told the court that the marriage was contracted in 2011 and was yet to produce any child.

“My Lord, I want an end to this marriage because I am tired of his drunken habit, and I can no more cope with the shame and humiliation he has brought to the family name” Memunat said.  

Her husband, Wahab did not object to his wife’s request said: “Memunat has no respect for me as expected of her”.

“I cannot beg her to stay because she knows I drink before she agreed to my proposal”.

Wahab, however, prayed the court to grant her request without any claim.

Yusuf Abdulkareem, the presiding judge dissolved the marriage and issued a certificate of divorce to Memunat.

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