Minority Must Help Ghana-National Watch

National Watch, a pro-democracy pressure group has called on the minority in parliament to offer cogent alternative policy ideas to government and desist from unproductive debates.

According to the group, the minority have abandoned their assigned mandate for non-development oriented ones, offering no solutions in debates and discussions.

In a press statement, signed by Koku Mawuli Nanegbe, a spokesperson, the group accused the minority of failing to highlight critical policy issues or alternatives.

It said among many things, the minority has the mandate to always proffer cogent alternative policy ideas to that of government, but have failed to do so in a total of about 14 press conferences it has organised this year.

The group said the minority have failed to highlight critical policy issues or alternatives and therefore advised them to back off the unproductive road of “deception spree”.

“At best, the Minority seemed to have succeeded either in misinformation or reproducing implemented or ongoing policies of government.”

Last week, a senior lecturer at the School of Communication Studies of the University of Ghana, Professor Kwame Karikari also criticised the opposition New Patriotic Party for failing to put government on its toes.

According to him “…the opposition parties are asleep. The NPP…in fact they are spending more time eating each other up than targeting all the exposé the media houses are doing.”

On Monday, the minority at a press conference urged government to muster the political will and accept that the country was in an economic crisis saying that would be a first step towards fixing the economy.

They went ahead and outlined alternatives which it believed could turn the economy around.

But the National Watch pro-democracy group in their press statement released Tuesday said the alternatives offered by the minority were all already being implemented by government.

It said the claim of mismanagement of Petroleum Stabilization Funds, other allegations were issues which would needlessly linger even though it has been dealt with by the Ministry of Finance.