Menaye Donkor & Sulley Muntari BREAK-UP?

Few days ago, we posted a photo of Menaye Donkor on here when she visited Viasat 1 for an interview and her wedding ring was missing from her finger so we asked if “all is well” at the Muntari and Menaye camp—but did not give that any more attention. This is because; married women and men take off their rings and though sometimes this action is an indication of trouble, most times it just doesn’t mean anything much.

It was a little too weird for us that a married woman will be going on national TV for an interview and will not have her wedding ring on…But hey, nothing stops anyone from taking a ring off.

Shockingly, I just woke up to a long email from a reader who claims Menaye Donkor’s marriage to Ghanaian football star-Sulley Muntari is over but Menaye Donkor is jumping from one media house to another in Ghana, lying about the state of their marriage.

The message the reader sent has some wild allegations which we cannot confirm or deny. However, we just hope all things are well with Menaye Donkor and Sulley Muntari since I personally love the two being together…

With Menaye Donkor not wearing her ring and this message coming through, we contacted Menaye Donkor to find out the merits of the allegations—and we’ve not received a response yet.

Apparently, over the weekend in Accra, Sulley Muntari’s mother threw a birthday party and even though Menaye was in town, she was missing—she was rather seen posing in a gym for photos.

Interestingly, Menaye Donkor recently revealed on TV3 that that her marriage to Sulley Muntari is fabulous and that she is 33 years old.

Also, she disclosed that she will launching her beauty line soon and talked about her life as the wife of a football star-Sulley Muntari.

She added that, Sulley Muntari likes ‘Ebunabun’ which she cannot prepare but she does all the banku and other stuff.

Importantly, Menaye Donkor talked about having kids, saying at the right time, it will happen. Guess what, she wants TWINS!