La Abafum manste calls for the enforcement of sanitation laws

The La Abafum Mantse, Nii Oteng Graneke has asked the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly to enforce sanitation laws in the La community.

He made the clarion call at a cleanup exercise that was organized to improve the sanitation situation at the Kaklamadu area.

Speaking with the presenter of ‘Clean Communities’, said,

‘This will help maintain a clean community and clean beaches,’ the Abafum mantse told host of Multi TV’s ‘Clean Communities’.

It was all hands on deck at Klaklamadu as women, men and children of all ages joined in to clean up their community to rid it of the filth they had been living in. The exercise is going to be held every two weeks to help maintain a clean environment and beach.

Kaklamadu is topping the chart out of the 5 focus communities for ‘Clean Communities’. The chief there has promised to put together a task force to maintain the cleanliness of the beaches and the community.

The Abafum Mantse said, ‘We are trying to set up a watchdog committee purposely for this area; empower and register them, and liaise with the police and La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly (LADMA) to take proper care of this beach.’

One of the residents explained why she took part in the cleanup exercise: ‘some of us dump our refuse on the beach because we cannot afford the fee that is required to dump refuse in the waste bin.’

She however pleaded for more refuse containers as well as a reduction in fees they pay to dump their refuse to discourage people from dumping refuse at the beaches.

Another resident promised to keep an eye on people who defecate and dump refuse along the beach and report their action.

Emmanuel Tetteh Mensah, a member of the task force said, ‘we will ensure that no one goes to the beach to dump refuse or defecate on the beach.’

Offenders would be arrested and handed over to the police, he said.

The Secretary to the Abafum mantse, Doris Tagoe educated residents especially women of the community to beware of the dangers of keeping an unclean environment.

According her, women usually bear the brunt when a family member falls sick as they spend valuable time and energy taking care of the sick, and therefore admonished to be more active in cleaning and maintaining a clean community.

She also urged residents of Kaklamadu to get on board in cleaning their environment, so that Kaklamadu would emerge first in the Clean Communities project.


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