Konadu Rawlings’ imposter grabbed

A third-year student of the Takoradi Polytechnic is fac­ing the full rigours of the law for allegedly using the name of former First Lady Konadu Rawlings to perpetuate fraud.

The suspect, Collins Kofitse, 26, and others now at large are said to have cre­ated a Facebook account under the name ‘Konadu Rawlings’ to commit the crime.

Addressing the press in Accra last Monday, Director- General of the Criminal In­vestigation Department (CID), Commissioner of Police’ (COP) Prosper Cwame Agblor. stated that he suspect used an organi- :ation called Empowerment if Masses (OFEM), which hey claimed Konadu Rawl­ings was a co-founder.

He said they also falsely .represented on this Face- book page that OFEM was providing foreign university scholarships to students in UK, Dubai, Germany and Australia, and they de­manded and obtained vari­ous forms of money from interested applicants.

COP Agblor further said that preliminary investiga­tion revealed that their physical address was in Kara, Republic of Togo and some of their landlines were also registered in Togo.

He said a Ghanaian ap­plicant resident in the United Arab Emirates be­came suspicious when he saw the advertisement and he therefore lured Kofitse to Accra, where he was ar­rested.

He said investigations were searching for other members of the gang.

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