Gang Members Led By Pastor Hanged For Robbery Committed 9 Years Ago

Four persons were sentenced to death by hanging for robbing a commercial bank in Akure, in 2005.

Gang Members Led By Pastor Be Hanged For Robbery Committed 9 Years Ago

Nine years ago, four companions – a pastor, Adeniyi Mathew, an evangelist, Akeem Benjamin, a businessman from Delta State, Cosmos Obi, and an apprentice radiator technician, Sherif Ogunleye – robbed a branch of the NBM Bank in Akure.

The incident took place on the night of June 2, 2005. According to the bank’s data, the criminals took with them at least N26 million and were later caught in Ibadan.

They were nabbed after detectives detained Akeem Benjamin for being in possession of over N825,000 in NBM Bank wrappers.

Probably the evangelist сollaborated with law enforcement agencies as the investigation in the case was launched and 5 more suspects were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the Akure robbery.

A high court in Akure, Ondo State has sentenced 4 of them to death by hanging.

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