SHOCKING: Gunmen Storm Daniel Ademinokan’s Home In Search For Stella Damasus

An Abuja residence of Nollywood director and producer Daniel Ademinokan has been recently stormed by a group of unknown gunmen, asking for whereabouts of star actress, singer and producer Stella Damasus, Nollywoodfilms reports.

Stella Damasus

* Stella Damasus on May 31, 2014. Photo credit – Stella Damasus Instagram

The incident has reportedly happened in the early hours of May 31, 2014. Approximately 12 gunmen entered Daniel’s home, where his younger brother and their sick mother were staying. 

The men did not introduce themselves, demanded the U.S. contact details of the actress, who is currently in Atlanta shooting a movie. However, Ademinokan’s sibling refused to disclose any information.

The development may be related with Stella’s stance on the issue of over 200 kidnapped GGSS Chibok female students. The actress blasted the Federal Government for its inability to bring the girls back home.

Another indication are the recent tweets by the actress, in which she had allegedly reacted on the described incident, declared that she would not be intimidated by anybody. 

She also added on July 2, 2014, Monday, that God’s word is the only reliable thing in the world, while many things are subject to change.

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