River Subri overflows bank and cut off 40 communities

Forty communities in three districts in the Ashanti Region have been cut off from the rest of the country due to a heavy downpour.

As a result of the rainfall, River Subri overflowed its banks, making it difficult for the residents to commute from their communities to other areas in the region.

The only means of transportation now is by canoe.
The situation is also a threat to the already weak mud houses in the community.

Since the overflow of the banks of River Subri around Tonkoase Camp, the over 10,000 inhabitants in the three districts have been finding life unbearable.

The overflow was caused by the collapse of culverts constructed about three decades ago. As a result of silt, the culverts could no longer hold the huge volumes of water carried by River Subri.

During a visit to some of the communities, the Daily Graphic observed that women in labour and sick people could not access health facilities.

According to  an account by  some of the residents, some pregnant women from Nsuta in the Bosome Freho District had to give birth around the banks of the river. Cocoa and foodstuffs

Hundreds of tonnes of cocoa and other foodstuffs such as rice, cassava, plantain, cocoyam had been locked up in the area. Some of them had started to  rot, leading to loss of revenue to the inhabitants .

Affected communities include Tonkoase Camp, Adansi Nyankomase, Nsuta, Nyamebekyere, Anomawobi, Breku, Afianso and Anomabo, which are located in Adansi South, Bosome Freho and the Adansi North districts.

Many youth in the area have left their farming businesses and are now serving as ‘passenger-carriers’ as they assist people to cross the river. They carry them on their backs or on their shoulders and wade the river from one end of the bank to the other for a fee.

There is only one small canoe which is being used to ferry both passengers and cargo.

The situation has led to vehicles from New Edubiase and other parts of the country stopping at one end of the river leaving the passengers to their fate either to be carried on shoulders, backs or in canoes to the other end.

The situation has also led to hikes in transportation fares.

Since the commencement of the rains, many pupils in the area have abandoned school and work as porters at the river bank. Lack of funding

According to the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Adansi South, Mr Benjamin Anhwere Kakyire, the construction of the bridge was awarded on contract six months ago and that the sod had been cut for the commencement of the work.

He explained that due to lack of funds, the contractor had suspended the work although he had conveyed eight culverts to the site for commencement of work.

Briefing the Daily Graphic at Tonkoase, the assembly member for  Tonkoase, Mr Agyir Bekoe, appealed to the government to release funds for the work to be done.

The Assembly Member for Nsuta, Mr Isaac Kofi Frimpong, said the situation could worsen the plight of the people, most of whom were farmers and depended on proceeds from their farm to make a living.

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