Prof. Delle Eyes Flagbearer Position

Former National chairman of the Convention People’s Party (CPP,) Professor Edmund N. Delle, has expressed interest in the flagbearership position of his party.

According to him, his decision to contest the highest position in the CPP stems from his belief that the party is the only alternative to Ghana’s redemption.

“It is time some of us helped the party which gave the country its independence to regain its status in Ghana politics and deliver Ghana, since successive governments have mismanaged the economy hence the abject poverty of the citizenry,” Dr. Delle said in an interview with Today.

The gross mismanagement, Dr. Delle further indicated, has compelled him to put himself for the flag-bearer position of the CPP when the party opens its nominations.

Prof. Delle, who is optimistic that the CPP will give him the mandate to lead the party in 2016, blamed the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the economic mess the country is currently facing.

He therefore called on Ghanaians to re-assess their living conditions and see if there has been any significant change since the inception of the Fourth Republic.

The renowned dermatologist who did not mince words said what the country needs at the moment is a leader who will bring himself or herself to the level of the masses to appreciate the concerns of the suffering Ghanaians.

This, he said, is a person who throughout his private or public life has been in the trenches with the people.

He explained that throughout his life as a medical consultant and a practitioner, he has been providing medical assistance to the needy and the marginalised people in various communities in the country.

His [Prof. Delle] regional medical tour in the country every month, according to him, has made him appreciate the more; the problems majority of Ghanaians go through in their various communities.

“What is wrong with the leaders of this country for blatantly disregarding the numerous socio-economic problems confronting the citizenry?” he fumed.

The former CPP national chairman could not fathom why with all the abundant natural resources including oil, Ghana should be begging for alms from the Bretton Wood Institutions.

This, he explained, was due to bad leadership the country has had over the years, adding “if you have leaders who are “insensitive” and “mean,” how do you expect their people to prosper.”

He noted further that governance is not about enriching oneself and family, instead it is to ensure that the general wellbeing of the people you govern are better off in life.

“How sensible is it to see your people go through suffering, while you and your cronies enjoy at the expense of the masses,” Prof. Delle quizzed.

He was of the firm belief that the CPP would this time put its house together to ensure victory in 2016, saying “we [CPP] can’t continue to disappoint Ghanaians anymore because we are their last hope.”

He was optimistic that Ghanaian electorate would wake up from their slumber and vote massively for the CPP in 2016 for them to bring economic prosperity to the citizenry.