Ogas At The Top: Meet The Jonathans In P-Squares’ Personally Remix, Fighting APC Chiefs And Playing Nigeria’s Leaders (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

The crew of the up-and-coming puppet comedy show ‘Ogas At The Top’ keeps releasing fresh episodes, which show the insides of lives of the Nigerian elites. 

The three new episodes feature APC Chiefs, ex Nigeria’s leaders and, finally the Jonathan’s in a superb music video inspired by P’Squares personally. This episode became one of the most viewed videos in the whole history of the comedy show, gathered over 136,000 views on YouTube.

SEE more details below and, learn to laugh, because it makes your life better!

1. The End Of The Affair 

During a joint interview prominent Chiefs of the All Progressives Congress General Muhammadu Buhari and Chief Bola Tinubu speak about their similarities and differences.

Ogas At The Top Buhari Tinubu

What really unites them is loyalty (to the people of Nigeria). You will be surprised but they come to a deep confrontation on the issue of how best to…sweep Nigeria!

Ogas At The Top Buhari Tinubu 

2. The Presidential Word Association Game 

Ogas At The Top Word Association Game

Ex leaders of Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan meet to discuss what is constantly on their minds. This episode reveals what Naija leaders of past and present really think about Nigerians, Democracy, human rights and a certain V-word.

Ogas At The Top General Abacha 

3. GEJ & Dame Patience In ‘Personally’ Remix

Patience Jonathan cannot sleep at night. She wakes up crying about the Chibok girls who have not been returned yet. She also fears that husband’s opponents are near.


President Jonathan calms her down with a remix of P-Square’s “Personally”. GEJ promises to square it out with the enemies of his administration.


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