Martin Amidu Sues Gbewaa Boss Over Defamation

A former Attorney General, Martin Amidu has sued a private businessman and chairman of the Gbewaa Group of Companies, Yakubu Kasule for allegedly defaming him.

This was after Mr. Kasule sued the former AG for allegedly abusing his office with the refusal to recommend the payment of 5 million US dollars to him.

In a countersuit filed at the Accra High Court, the former AG claimed that a publication influenced by Mr. Kasule had tarnished his image and subjected him to hatred, contempt and ridicule.

The former AG, in an exclusive interview with Citi News said his decision to go to court was only borne out of his quest to protect the public purse.

“My predecessor had approved a settlement with for $5 million in respect of about five or so cases. When I came, I was advised that there was a criminal matter among them so it was not possible for us to pay the amount because my predecessor had approved it and written a letter to the Ministry of Finance. If Finance was going to pay him, I wouldn’t be affected,” he explained.

According to him, “they wanted me to confirm that the money should be paid, but from the briefing I had from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) about the criminal matter which was settled, it couldn’t be paid.”

Mr. Martin Amidu explained to Citi News that, “Yakubu has been my friend for a long time, so I explained to him that if this money is paid to you, I will go to jail when it is found out and I’m not prepared to go to jail for causing financial loss.

He tried to persuade me by seeing common friends to talk to me and I refused, then he decided to sue the Attorney General in which he said I should be compelled to pay that money to him and that I was abusing my office.”

He said the businessman sued him for defamation after he realized that he wasn’t getting the money, but after “he caused this publication to be made against me in the Enquirer newspaper, I decided to counter-claim against him for defamation.”

The hearing was adjourned to June 18th.