‘Mahama Will Succeed’ – Ade Coker

Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC,) Joseph Kobina Ade Coker, has intimated that President John Dramani Mahama has all that it takes to bring economic relief to Ghanaians.

“President Mahama knows the rudiments of the current challenges his government is going through and he has capable and experienced hands who are ready to ensure that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government succeeds…,” he underscored.

According to Mr. Coker, what the NDC government requires from every Ghanaian at this critical moment of the country’s economy is “patience and faith” in President Mahama but not unnecessary accusations and attacks.

The Greater Accra regional NDC chair made these observations in an interview with Today.

He expressed strong belief in President Mahama’s administration, saying “there are lot of prudent economic measures being initiated behind the scene that Ghanaians don’t know.”

“When these measures start yielding results, the dividends will be there for all to see; it is just a matter of time,” he assured.

Mr. Coker noted that some of the challenges facing the government including the fall of cocoa prices and gold are not the making of the Mahama administration.

These challenges, he explained, have international dimension on the world market, thus when they come, it is difficult to address them locally.

He reiterated government’s commitment to ensuring that the living condition of every Ghanaian is improved.

“We made a promise to Ghanaians prior to the 2012 elections to better their lives when they vote for us and we intend to keep those promises,” he averred.

He, however, expressed disquiet about how critics of the government go about destructively criticising the government at any given opportunity they may have.

Governance, according to him, is a collective responsibility, which must be shared by all including, especially the opposition parties, saying “President Mahama needs all of us to make Ghana a prosperous country.

To this end, Mr Coke seized the chance to urge NDC faithful(s) to rally behind President Mahama to bring the “Better Ghana” agenda the party promised Ghanaians into fruition.

He noted that what the NDC needs at this time is “unity and a sense of purpose” to be able to deliver its promises to Ghanaians.

Failure to do this, he said, can be disastrous for the party’s chances in the 2016 General Elections.

“We must ensure that we [NDC] don’t disappoint our teeming supporters and the Ghanaian populace, else we pay the price for it in the next elections,” he stated.