KMA Sacrifices Sheep For Flood

The Subin River at Ahonmaso usually overflows its banks when it rains, causing destruction to about 100 houses located close to the river.

Extensive work, including dredging, is crucially needed to avert the flooding which creates problems for the people in the area.

Kumasi Mayor, Kojo Bonsu, said the traditional authorities consider the river sacred as they performed rituals in it periodically.

Kojo Bonsu stated that the assembly would liaise with the chiefs to see to it that the dredging was done to prevent the river from overflowing its banks when it rains.

The Kumasi Mayor stated that even if ‘sheep should be slaughtered to pacify the gods before the dredging could be done, then we shall do it.’

Kojo Bonsu was at Ahonmaso Saturday morning to assess the extent of damage by the flood at the place.

The Mayor, who looked morose over the situation, said it was about time the assembly and the chiefs resolved the hopeless situation.

He reiterated that even if the gods had to be pacified to enable the dredging of the river to take place, ‘we are ready to that.’

Kojo Bonsu said the assembly was ready to bear the cost of the sheep and all the items that would be used to perform sacrifices to pave way for the dredging to take place.

He said the managers of the city would not sit aloof and watch as people’s properties are destroyed via flooding at Ahonmaso.

Wofa Yaw Poku, who had stayed at Ahonmaso for 25 years, said the flooding was becoming too worrisome to the people.

He therefore agreed to the Kumasi Mayor’s suggestion that the sacrifices should be performed to pave way for the dredging of the Subin River.

 FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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