IEA To Launch Campaign Against Winner Takes All Type of Politicking

As a nation, we have reached a stage where the winner takes all syndrome must cease immediately.For this reason, the Institute of Economic Affairs is preparing the grounds to launch a three months campaign to educate the general public on how it is tearing the nation apart.

Dr. Rose Mensah-Kutin, in an interview with disclosed that despite twenty-two years of uninterrupted multi-party democracy in Ghana, the winner takes all syndrome has destroyed the beauty and true essence of democracy.

She urged that the time to do away with this type of politicking has arrived and all must endeavor to embrace it with an open heart.

Dr. Mensah-Kutin further commended the constitutional review committee for doing an excellent job in amending certain laws in our constitution. But was emphatic to point out that she was less pleased with the way administration in power treated their political opponents.