Frequent Reshuffling Affects Policy Direction – Prof Aryee

A Political Scientist, Professor Atsu Aryee has warned that the frequent rate of ministerial reshuffle does affect the stability of policy direction of the various Ministries and government.

President John Mahama has made major changes in two Ministerial reshuffles in less than two weeks.

The Health Ministry, for instance, has had five different Ministers since the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government took over.

Prof. Aryee who has conducted empirical research on ministerial reshuffles says, the move could go a long way to affect government’s delivery.

He indicated that although the President has the right to reshuffle his Ministers, “it is affecting the policy direction of the various Ministries.”

According to him, Ministers should be given ample time to conclude and implement major policies to ensure even national development.

He cited developed countries as having stability “because people want to make an impression and if you are a Minister, at least if you have the mandate for four years, you can make an impression.”

“But if you stay in a Ministry for one year or less than one year, what kind of policy direction are you going to give us?” he asked.

Prof. Aryee was however, quick to acknowledge that there are public officials who support the work of Ministers but he maintained that political leadership is equally important.