Fayemi Angry With Supporter’s Death, Petitions IG, NSA

Following the clash between the police officers and the APC rally members in Ado-Ekiti on Sunday, Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, visited the Inspector-General of Police and the National Security Advise on Monday.

 Police attack governor Fayemi and his supporters during APC rally in Ado-Ekiti, June 8

Police attack governor Fayemi and his supporters during APC rally in Ado-Ekiti, June 8

The governor arrived to the Force headquarters around 2.15pm and immediately headed to the IG, Mohammed Abubakar. During his visit he filed a complaint to the IG about the murder of his supporter and expressed his belief in speedy and dispassionate case investigation.

According to Fayemi, the rally is a traditional and harmless event that take after any PDP march – people just come and sweep off the dirt in the streets. Fayemi claimed that the rally was peaceful until the police started to use force, disperse tear gas and fire live rounds at the people.

As a result of a crackdown, one person was killed and dozens were injured. The clash could have been avoided but for the policemen who attempted to disarm some of the governor’s security and caused clutter.

“I think officers have to be restrained in their conduct, I don’t think any officer is paid by the tax payers to shoot and behave in an irresponsible manner. 

It is just not an assault on the collective cause that we have to deepen this democracy, it is also a denigration of the institution the officer represents. I do not believe the OC, MOPOL ought to have behaved the way he did, he wasn’t professional.

For me, what is sad is that the loss of lives was avoidable. If a governor is not protected, then ordinary citizens should not even accept the police to act in their interest.”

Today the Police Command in Ekiti accused Kayode Fayemi and some members of the National Assembly of rally violence.

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