Adamawa’s Only Female Emir Dies In Her Residence

The Female Emir of Arnado Debbo, Gangwun Astadikko Buba Dimgyeb, Ma-Astadikko Buba has died in her residence on June 8.

The Paramount ruler of Ganye kingdom and that of the Female Emir of Arnado Debbo.

The only female village ruler in Adamawa, was said “to be the seventh women ruler of after Gangwum Subsanin blazed the trail 250 years ago”

Buba was the village head of Dimgeb in Sugu District of Ganye Chiefdom in Ganye Local Government area, she was appointed the Nya-Gangwou (village head) on May 1, 2005.

The woman has died on Sunday in her resident after a brief illness, this information was confirmed by the Public Relations Officer of Ganye Traditional Council, Alhaji Ishaku Babidi. Buba, whose age was not specified, was buried according to Chamba tribe traditions. 

The reason why women take on a more prominent role in the village lies in the fact that men usually died within three months of ascending the throne.

And when the fifteen male ruler died, a woman, Gangnwum Subsanin, was tried in 1762 and stayed on for nine 9 years. Since then men have no qualms surrendering the right for ruling to women permanently.

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