June 4 Revolt… “A Political Armed Robbery” By Rawlings

Immediate Past Youth Organizer of the opposition New Patriotic Party [NPP] Emmanuel Attefuah Danso has accused former President John Jerry Rawlings of robbing Ghanaians of their resources through his revolution [June 4].

According to him, the then Rawlings regime brought nothing but “pains, anguish and hardship” onto peace and loving Ghanaians.

He further stressed that; the idea of celebrating ‘June 4’ must be expelled since many have come to realize that ex-president Rawlings did a great harm to the nation.

“The fact is that, indiscipline, blatant corruption, wanton destruction and mismanagement of the economy were introduced by him [ex-president Rawlings] yet he keeps blaming a statesman [ex-president Kufour] as corrupt,” he said.

Former President John Jerry Rawlings in a speech to mark 35 years of the June 4 uprising at the Revolution Square, Wednesday, noted that, Ghana’s ill economy now is as a result of some acts of omission and commission by ex-president Kufour. He [Rawlings] blamed the current economic crisis on the decision by the Kufuor government to redenominate the country’s currency in 2007 after labeling Kufour as the most corrupt president ever.

But in an interview with Peacefmonline.com Attefuah wondered why the former president [Rawlings] always vilifies his colleague presidents in his “hate speeches”.

“I am happy Rawlings is still live today to see the rotten seeds he sowed. He claims he detests corruption…but he failed to account for the infamous account 48, the redenominated 50,000 cedis during his time, the corrupt deals of his minister he issued a white paper to cover, divestiture of state corporations that the wife and he benefited from among many others,” he said.

Emmanuel Attefuah Danso further questioned the “moral courage and justification” of the former president to “talk about corruption when he is an apostle and the leader of the corrupt brigade and the cabal, whose term of office were officers of state introduced as financial wizards.”

“Rawlings can’t preach virtue and practice vice,” he added.