Cli**ris: 10 Amazing Facts about the Female s*x Organ


Fact #1: The cli**ris is the only human organ that exists for the sole purpose of providing s*xual sensation.

Fact #2: A woman’s cli**ris is supposed to be the equivalent of a man’s man-hood. In fact, it is developed from the same phallic outgrowth that develops into a man-hood in boys. This private part tissue remains undifferentiated at conception until the development of the urinary and reproductive organs, which finally determine the private part organs.

Fact #3: The glans of the cli**ris which is usually about the size of a pea has an estimated 8,000 sensory nerve endings which is almost double the sensory nerve endings on the head of a man’s man-hood.

Fact #4: The cli**ris has a lot more sensitive nerves than the v**ina and hence clitoral stimulation can bring about a much more intense climax.

Fact #5: Since the cli**ris is a lot like the man-hood, it needs similar stimulation so that the woman can reach an climax. Unfortunately, vaginal penetration does not always provide the required stimulation in many women and that is why they fail to reach climax.

Fact #6: Although the cli**ris appears like a small pea sized ball, the entire length of the cli**ris measures to be around four inches. The portion that you can see is the head. The rest of it is hidden behind the tissues of the inner labia.

Fact #7: The size of the cli**ris increases throughout a woman’s life. By the end of puberty a woman’s cli**ris is nearly doubled in size. By the time she reaches 30, it is almost four times larger than it was at puberty. The cli**ris just keeps growing over time.

Fact #8: Did you know that the cli**ris never ages? That means once it reaches maturity, it remains at its s*xual peak for the rest of a woman’s life.

Fact #9: Due to genetic or high male hormones, some girls are born with larger clitorises that look like a man-hood. Although this is perfectly healthy, many parents resort to surgery to fix it.

Fact #10: In many countries there is a disturbing practice called Female private part Mutilation (FGM), that includes several procedures to remove the cli**ris or external female private partia leaving the girl devoid of pleasure gained through external s*xual organs.