Best Ways to Increase Stamina & Prevent Tiredness

Tiredness can sap the fun and excitement from you. Get peppy and energetic with these simple tips and tricks. Prevent fatigue, be efficient at work and stay at the top of your game.

Food: Yogurt

Yoghurt guarantees a boost of energy thanks to the natural sugars. Protein present in curds releases energy and keeps satiated. If you have cold curds it will prevent drowsiness.

Food: Beans
Beans take longer to digest and prevents food cravings. Plus the fibre content in beans increases your energy levels and keeps your blood sugar levels in check.

Food: Water
Dehydration is one of the main reasons for fatigue. Drink a glass of water mixed with lime juice, sugar or salt to make up for the lost salts. You can also have juices to be hydrated. The vitamin C, A and B1 in the juice will keep you going for a while.

Food: Nuts
A handful of nuts like walnuts, almonds, raisins, etc are rich in omega-3 fats. These unsaturated fats are burnt quickly to release energy instantly. Also the natural sugars in nuts help keep you going through the day.

Food: Oats
Oats make a great ingredient to boost energy. It is rich in fibre and carbohydrates which helps to prevent hunger pangs. It is also rich in minerals like magnesium and phosphorus which prevent fatigue.

Food: Fresh Ingredients
Include fresh fruits and vegetables to increase energy level and they keep you hydrated. It also provides you with essential nutrients and vitamins that boost your energy levels.

Food: Egg
Eggs are rich in protein and amino acids, which is excellent for muscle building. Egg is a healthy ingredient to increase stamina and sustain it for a long duration.

Food: Banana
Banana contains healthy sugar and fibre making them a good energy boosting food. It works as the perfect food for gym goers. Bite into banana for reassured energy levels.

Aerobic exercises:
Outdoor sports are best to overcome fatigue and boost your stamina level. Sports like football, basketball and all other sprinting games help strengthen your heart so that more oxygen reaches all parts of the body.