Executive Director of Global Peace Advocacy and Associates (GLOPA), Charles Dodzi Gidisu has called on the office of President John Mahama to direct NADMO to as a matter of concern establish a workable and advanced Waste Segregation and Recycling System nationwide to curb the constant fatalities propelled by floods anytime it rains.

Speaking through a press release he indicates that as long as past and present governments refuse to pay attention to instituting proper waste management system in the country, death toll of persons killed by floods in our major cities will continue unabated. He says the floods are self-engineered death traps.

In reaction to the extensive destructions caused by the recent rainfalls accumulating into heavy floods, Mr. Gidisu analysed it is due time government instituted modern, efficient and sustainable waste management system to regulate the haphazard nature with which trash and waste substance are controlled by government as he believes is the major cause of floods in the cities and towns. He admits poor or lack of proper waste recycling system by appropriate authorities has contributed negatively to the current almost inevitable death traps in the country. He also cautioned the office of the Town and Country Planning Department to help the situation by ensuring persons who’s houses stands in the way of major gutters and drainages are dealt with and removed where necessary.

As civil society group, Global Peace Advocacy and Associates (GLOPA) concerns itself with issues of this kind that bothers on peace to society and empowers members of society to take up roles which leads to national development.

According to Mr. Gidisu, population growth, rapid urbanization, consumption patterns, economic growth and development processes are leading factors that has accounted for the increased waste creation in the country but he maintains the mode of regulating these waste is poor and unsustainable hence encouraging huge sanitation challenges which eventually results in choked gutters rendering most drainages useless. He believes the case of the capital city, Accra, is so alarming such that it qualifies to be described as a menace if not a crisis.

In this vain he pleaded with authorities to ensure proper collection of refuse from whichever sources bearing in mind to do an extensive segregation of the types of refuse, categorizing them by their nature to aid in easy disposal options and methods, not forgetting their treatment (recycling) and structures.

On behalf of GLOPA, Mr. Gidisu suggested a couple of what he called proactive interventions to curtail the recurrence of the current “crisis” caused by unsuccessful waste management system by the government. He requests that in order to help the situation, economic value must be placed on all properly segregated wastes which will serve as incentive for proper segregation at source by households, traders, and the entire populace. Again he believes waste management organizations (both private and public) should buy segregated waste from households to be recycled for reuse. In that way he says it shall compel the public to self manage their garbages properly for easy collection and create jobs for people, as well as generate revenue for government instead of spending more taxes to resolving the situation.

Finally, Mr. Gidisu explained that in other to avert the next flood disaster government itself must act as regulator and institute appropriate legal regimes and institutional frameworks for efficient operation of the sector and ensuring strict adherence and enforcement of the law.

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