Ghana’s Woes Didn’t Start With Kufuor…But That Doesn’t Mean We Should Stop Complaining… – Pratt

Kwesi Pratt Jnr., Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, says Ghanaians should continue to make their voices heard when State authorities fail to deliver on their mandated promises.

Kwesi Pratt urged the citizenry not to let go of their freedom of expression anytime they feel dissatisfied with the decisions that government officials make in their quest to enhance the progress of the nation.

According to him, Ghanaians should not stop “complaining” until leaders account for their actions.

“We should never stop complaining. Let us complain. It is our duty that people in government to a very large extent are our appointees. We put them there and we put them there to go and solve our problems. We should watch them closely. When they are not solving our problems, let us at least shout.”

However, speaking on “Alhaji and Alhaji” on Radio Gold, Mr. Pratt explained that the woes of the country did not emanate from a particular government and it will be “dishonesty” on the part of any person to suggest that the current administration has caused all the country’s problems.

“The problems of this economy did not start from the Kufour era. The problems did not start from the Rawlings era. Unless of course you want to discount our history, colonialism was a major problem for the Ghanaian economy…It had a huge impact on us and so on,” he said.

He called on the appropriate authorities to execute their duties effectively and therefore rid the nation of any corruptible practices.

“Between 1983 and 2001, the cedi had depreciated by 23000 percent. During the eight years of Kufour administration, the cedi depreciated significantly. Indeed, even after the redenomination of the cedi, the cedi depreciated in the first 90 days or so on. And the cedi is continuing to depreciate. We need to take complete action in order to reverse this trend…Corruption under every government is a canker which needs to be uprooted and it doesn’t matter whether the government is NPP or NDC,” Kwesi Pratt stated.