Fan buys Whitney Houston’s mansion for $1.5m insists he will not open it to public

Whitney Houston’s mansion has been sold for $1.5 million.

And the new owner of the late singer’s property – a self-proclaimed ‘fan’ – has claimed that he will not open it’s doors to the public or in any way ‘disgrace her honour.’

Matthew Krauthamer, a 33-year-old emergency room physician, has said that instead, he plans to move into the Mendham, New Jersey home and keep things private.

Whitney Houston’s New Jersey mansion has changed hands for the second time in six months with the new owner claiming he is a ‘big fan’ who plans to preserve the property as a memorial to the late singing superstar

But it was no easy task to purchase Whitney’s former residence, Krauthamer has explained in an interview with  RadarOnline .

‘I had been trying to buy the property for a number of years,’ he said of the mansion that has been on and off the market since 2009.

The Houston family was conscious of making sure that they found ‘a good fit for the property.’

‘Her family has been in contact with me,’ Krauthamer revealed, but held back on giving any further detail. ‘I don’t want to make money off of who she was.’

‘She was kind and generous and she took care of those who she loved,’ he continued.

‘I’ve had some communication with the family and they have been kind throughout the whole process,’ the doctor went on. ‘I wanted to put an end to their concerns and fears, that I am not an opportunist and I don’t want to disgrace her honor.’

But although he loves the late singer’s work, Krauthamer says he’s not the most die-hard fan out there.

‘I am a fan of Whitney’s music like so many people, but I’m not the over-the-top weird fan.’

It seems that he just knew a good investment when he saw one.

‘It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know it’s a good deal.’

Krauthamer, 33, plans to restore the property to its former glory as a tribute to the I Wanna Dance With Somebody singer

The 12,561-square-foot home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a six-car garage, 13 skylights and 108 windows

‘People have been contacting me left and right to also buy the property from me. Some have offered three times as much for it,’ he said, confirming that it had in fact been a good investment.

But Krauthamer is not having any of it.
‘One hundred percent, I am moving into the home in the next month,’ he declared, confirming: ‘I do not want to exploit Whitney.’

Even though he’ll probably eventually need to pass the property on in his estate or by some other transfer, he explained that he wasn’t about to do that immediately.

Krauthamer, who is single, plans to live in the house with family members and also intends to host plenty of guests and parties there

Last month, Houston’s estate was forced to take legal action against investment company CPMG Mendham, claiming they had been blocked from retrieving personal items belonging to Houston from the house

‘I was not going to have any secondary gain from buying the property or exploit her honor.’

And of the Houston family, Krauthamer said: ‘This is still their house!’

Built 1986 for $2.7 million, Houston and her former husband Bobby Brown hosted their lavish 1992 wedding there.

Later, as their marriage and careers stumbled amid allegations of drug abuse, the home featured in several episodes of the notorious reality TV series Being Bobby Brown.

The 12,561-square-foot home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a six-car garage, 13 skylights and 108 windows. It includes a tennis court, pool house and pool, a circular driveway and six-car garage.

The property includes a tennis court, pool house and pool, a circular driveway and six-car garage

Grandmother Cissy Houston, left, is reportedly worried that Bobbi Kristina, right, could dwindle away her mother’s $12 million estate.

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