The Many Sins Of Nigerian Gospel Musicians

Their songs are quite melodious. As gospel artistes, they readily sing about God and his creations. But when the chips are down, you struggle to reconcile their lifestyle and the gospel.

Modern Nigeria gospel artistes could be anything but godly. In the least, they are controversial, materialistic and unlearned in theology.

No thanks to Nigeria’s gullibility in the face of religion, these gospel artistes are having a field day. They’re quick to sing about spirituality. Love. Decency. Virtues. And God! But you struggle only to find them light miles away from their teachings.

In the time past, no gospel artiste would admit that he or she has not been called. Especially as the society expects that a gospel artiste must have heard and obeyed the call of God to spread the message of Salvation through music. But, no. Not today’s gospel artistes. Not anymore.

While they believe that success can easily be achieved through gospel music rather than secular, as there’s less competition, modern gospel artistes have gone even further. Competing with secular artistes in making sounds with such bemusing tags including gospel hip-hop, gospel rap, gospel pop, gospel afro, gospel dancehall…anything just to justify their craze. And you’re left wondering about their ingenuity.

Their intent however may not be unconnected with enriching themselves.Today’s gospel artistes readily perform anywhere, including clubs. When quizzed, they’re quick to remind you that they have to reach as many souls wherever they are. Whereas, their intent is not lost.

If their mannerism nauseates you, then the controversies trailing some of them may be suffocating.

From Sammie Okposo, who fathered a love child, and fingered in illicit romantic affairs with Kate Henshaw and Stella Damascus, to Yinka Ayefele’s notoriety for sycophancy and praises of human personalities, Tope Alabi’s wrecking allegation of
infidelity, Gloria Doyle’s nudity in the name of dressing…the list goes on.

Modern Nigerian artistes may merely be chasing their daily bread afterall. But will blasphemy not be pushing luck too far?

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– by Ezeh Emmanuel

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