Sierra Leone President Asks All Africans To Unite To Fight Boko Haram

The president of ‪Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, on Thursday, June 5, urged all African countries to support Nigeria in the battle against Boko Haram insurgents, underlining that the war against terrorists isn’t only Nigerian war, but a war to be fought by all.‬‬

Ernest Bai Koroma made this statement after meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa.

Bai Koroma said, “In moments like this, we believe we should come and express sympathy for the bombings that have been taking place in Nigeria and most recently the abduction of about 200 secondary school girls.‬‬ We believe that this is not an issue for Nigeria alone. We must come in and identify ourselves with the problems that are ongoing here.‬‬

‪‪”We believe strongly that the position Nigeria is enjoying as the largest economy in Africa, and the fact that one out of every four Africans is a Nigerian, issues like this happening to Nigeria are issues that will affect the whole of Africa.‬‬”

According to him, it is time for all Africans to come together to work with Nigeria to address this menace that is occurring in Nigeria.

Condemning the gory activities of Boko Haram, Bai Koroma said, “We condemn strongly what is happening and we believe that Boko Haram should not continue with these atrocities.‬‬ We welcome the support that is now coming on, now ECOWAS has just had a meeting and in that meeting a lot of collaborative efforts have been suggested. We look forward to the implementations of what has been suggested.‬‬”

‪‪”But for now, we believe Nigeria deserves the supports. For Sierra Leone, Nigeria was there yesterday when we had our difficulties.‬ I believe whatever little we can do to identify ourselves, whatever efforts we can put in solving this problem, we are prepared, we are here to demonstrate the determination to work with Nigeria,” Bai Koroma stated.‬

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