PHOTOS: Tiwa Savage Is "Wanted"

Tiwa Savage’s new Video, Wanted, could be seen as anything but decent. It may have received an unequalled number of views on the clock, but the criticisms she got were also countless.

Wanted seems to have opened a can of worms on Tiwa’s morality. What however is not in doubt is that Tiwa gave the video her all. The only thing left was to bare it all.

The new video shows Tiwa like never seen before. Raw. Uncut. She looked caution in the eye. She was indeed found wanting. Wearing a brown breast tube and a piece of cloth seldom covering her sensitive parts, Tiwa goes on rampage. Bizarre. She went all out. Nude. Free for all.

Tiwa Savage in Wanted

*Tiwa Savage in Wanted

What is however confounding is Tee Billz endorsement of the raunchy video. Tee Billz, Manager turned husband of Tiwa believes Wanted is purely artistic, comparable only to the best in the world.

But this is…Nigeria! Here, morality, decency and decorum are still virtues. There’s no doubt that sex sells. And in the evolving world, sex appeal sells even faster. While the western world cherishes nudity and readily brandishes it, much to the admiration of viewers, such culture rarely survives here. No. Not for long. Ask True Story singer, Timaya. He now knows better. The Nigerian society may be quick to embrace, but even quicker to rebuke.

Tiwa Savage in Wanted

*Tiwa Savage in Wanted

What is however unclear is that neither Tee Bills nor Tiwa have full grasp of her listenership. Lest, one would be quick to ask: what was Tiwa thinking? Art? Displaying such raunchiness? It’s hard to see.

While art readily provides one with a means of expression, it breathes freedom. Art may be a mere reflection after all, but it reveals the inner self of one. Is Wanted Tiwa’s reflection? Tee billz may be privy to Tiwa’s privacy, but the Tiwa we see, at least from the outside, is a blazing star. Not a soft porn star!

Tiwa Savage in Wanted

*Tiwa Savage in Wanted

Shouldn’t Tee Billz be taken aback that the raunchy video came on the heels of his marriage? No. He’s preoccupied with breeding the best stereotype. Yet, he forgets that it was Tiwa’s sonorous voice and originality that endeared her. Not nudity.

Tiwa Savage has merely just started, as she says. She may just be baring it all next time out. But is she not a wonderful singer with her clothes on?

– by Ezeh Emmanuel

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