Photo of the week: We sat, we talked and we watched – prepare for more rains

It has rained for nearly 24 hours. Brutally relentless, leaving in its wake, all too familiar stories of wreckage.

The rains came, it saw and it conquered. All because, we sat, we talked, we watched.

According to the Ghana Metrological Agency, these torrential rains are going to get worse. It is has at least a three months lifespan. It appears, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

In the meantime, ECG and VRA may have gotten their wish. We need rains to power Ghana’s depleting dams but with a badly structed city, shockingly dirty environment and a sit-and-wait mentality of local authorities, prayer for more rains, may be a self-inflicting request for our own destruction.

Prepare for more rains.

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