Arab Spring In Ghana? Anarchists Plot Mahama’s Overthrow

Intelligence reports picked up by The aL-hAJJ have unearthed how some renegades and miscreants desirous of toppling the Mahama led-administration are planning mass actions aimed at forcing the resignation of the president and his vice.

Their intension is to repeat what happened recently in North Africa and the Middle East, popularly called the Arab Spring.

Akin to the political turmoil in Ukraine and the Arab spring, organizers of the modern day coup, as part of moves to activate the plot, are said to be planning a million-man mega demonstration to be staged in Accra at a date to be announced soon.

The promoters, according to information reaching this paper will cite the current economic difficulties, hardship, corruption, abuse of office and mismanagement in the Mahama and NDC government for their diabolic agenda.

Information gathered by The aL-hAJJ reveal that the organizers of the plot intend using the protest as a ruse to overthrow the government.

Their strategy is to invade government offices including parliament and the seat of government in their numbers, close down government offices and force the resignation or the collapse of the Mahama-led government.

They would then install the Chief Justice as temporal Head of State having succeeded in forcing President John Mahama and his vice, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur to resign pending the re-writing of a new constitution and the election of a new president.

Though Parliament will continue to operate to assist the acting president, ministers and government appointees will be sacked to make way for the appointment of new ministers in acting capacities.

As prelude and a dress rehearsal to this diabolic plot and to test the endurance of the masses ahead of the mega demonstration in Accra, sources familiar with the plot but not enthused disclosed to this paper that the organizers will organize a mini demonstration in the capital of the opposition New Patriotic Party’s stronghold, Kumasi, on the 10th of this month.

The politically tainted and nation-wrecking demonstration in Kumasi christened “Ya Ye Den demo” to wit “what have we done demo” ostensibly against rampant electricity and water cuts in the garden city, is aimed at drawing people’s attentions to their intended actions and solicit their support ahead of the main demonstration in Accra.

Prior to the Kumasi mass action, another source has told this paper that the group would take advantage of students grievances over some new educational policies and mobilize buses and participants from Kumasi to join demonstrations in Accra expected to take place this week.

Sources say the organizers are also banking hopes on the upcoming world cup as a season that will afford them the opportunity to whip up public sentiments against government’s inability to supply power to watch the matches.

The strategy is to instigate Ghanaians to join the mass protest geared towards forcing the president and his vice to resign while they work towards the election of their preferred president.

But The aL-hAJJ sources in the security services have hinted that the nation’s security is alert and fully prepared to combat any treacherous activities of any insurgent group, saying “we are well-prepared to crush any insurgent group. No evil-minded person or persons will have their way.”