Animosity, Bullying In NPP

There is a high level of acrimony and witch-hunting prevailing within the corridors of the already fragmented opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The new national executive are hounding and harassing their predecessors and some directors of the party has decided to operate from the conference room at the party headquarters instead of occupying the office of his predecessor.

That particular officer has refused to touch documents at the office and has to rely on outsiders for simple guidelines on the conduct of flagbearers.

Already, the new executives have been able to pollute the atmosphere with lies against their predecessors and have succeeded in getting some youth in the party to claim that they were on track when indeed the party’s front is divided.

Akin to how the party threw some ministers of state out of their bungalows in 2001 when it won power under J, A, Kufuor, the new NPP executives threw out the Director of Administration from his office last Friday.

The otherwise gentle former Member of Parliament for Adentan, Mr. Opare Hammond, was reported to have resisted the action by the party chairman and the general secretary.

The respected officer was kicked out minutes after he had been informed that the new executives could not work with him.

Credible reports emanating from the NPP Headquarters indicate that other directors are likely to be kicked out in a similar fashion.

Interestingly, when the nauseating move against Mr. Hammond bounced to the fore, the executives managed to drop another dirty game plan into the system.

This time round, they claimed that some 150 pickups, 40 SUV’s and 10 saloon cars that were used for the 2012 campaign had gone missing and that Nana Addo’s office is to blame for the missing vehicles.

Amazingly, The Enquirer can confirm that the wife of one of the new executives of the NPP is using one of the missing’ pickups of the NPP for her private business.

The story was crafted in a manner that the old executives were made to look as if they, together with those who worked at the office of Nana Addo, took the vehicles.

But it has turned out that the concocted story was put out there to cover up for the mess the Rambo style dismissal of Mr. Hammond had caused in the party.

Before that nasty action, the new executives took a unilateral decision not to allow directors at the party headquarters into National Executive Council (NEC) meetings.

Surprisingly, special assistants and aides to some of the new executives were present at the first NEC meeting, presided over by Mr. Paul Afoko.