2016: Will NDC Put Up Or Shut Up?

The John Dramani Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government looks so vulnerable approaching the 2016 election to the charging of many a good-hearted party big people, activist and sympathizers.

The NDC, which might have forgotten its previously populist background is today, in government, shooting itself in the foot; creating Achilles-heel, which difficulties sprinkles its party adherents along the way to 2016.

This official attitude tends to put joy on the heart of NDC’s political archrival, the New Patriotic Party (NPP); that the John Mahama and his relatively youthful government are making it a cool chop for the NPP in 2016, at the face of bureaucratic confusion.

When many political observers believe that attaining power through resolved struggle in 2008/2012, the NDC elders have chosen to see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil about government – hence the seemingly experimental nature of governance of the 57-year-old nation at this time – with collapse of social fabric, moral structure, as well as national psyche, the elders are said to be afraid of the ‘sharp-teeth babies’ brandishing credentials of governance.

It could be worthwhile the youth-in-government be made to understudy their jilted elderly officials for a while, to at least, learn that official morals differ greatly from vituperating all over the airwaves on daily basis, in otherwise fabulously rich country, but where today’s household finds it extremely difficult to table a meal a day, let alone three-square meals; drink potable water and or to shelter itself.

Though, The Informer will always sympathize with the NDC, the paper would put it as constructively as possible, without attempting to spoil any gravy-party, that things are not on course in the government of the NDC, as people would dishonestly want now-ever-discerning Ghanaians to believe.

Ghanaians might have rejected the NPP in 2008 and 2012 by voting for the NDC to regain power and put NPP glaring wrongs, right, however, what, Ghanaians, The Informer has come to know well, would never tolerate queuing in the sun or rain in 2016, from dawn to dusk to vote, is youthful exuberance misconstrued as modern politics, misapplication of state fund and arrant arrogance that leave them hungry, thirsty, naked, squalid and insecure. It is important that the Mahama-led NDC administration, and to the large extent, the party hierarchy put up or shut up to the approaching 2016 elections.

The Informer is saying this because we are afraid, not only floating voters within Ghanaian communities are complaining and vowing, but the very NDC foot soldiers and even some most senior members who would choose to cowardly keep silent but bleed at heart over the dwindling fortunes of the once vibrant and popular party.