Pregnant Woman Delivers Baby In The Bush While Running From Boko Haram Insurgents

A pregnant woman reportedly gave birth to a baby girl in the bush at Kala-Balge community in Borno State, north-eastern Nigeria while allegedly fleeing from at­tacks by the Boko Ha­ram sect.

Abba Ab­dulmuminu, a native of the Kala-Balge community, told journalists during a press con­ference at the Correspondents Chapel in Bauchi that the woman, whose name was not identified, delievered the baby on Tuesday.

He said she was among thousands of natives of the local government area, who had fled their homes because of constant terror attacks on the people of Kala-Balge by members of the deadly boko haram sect.

* Members of Boko Haram sect

* Members of Boko Haram sect

It could be recalled that the people of Kala-Balge were commended last month when they defended themselves from the attacks of the Boko-Haram insurgents when they killed over 300 of the terrorists who had attacked them.

Mr. Abdulmuminu said: “As a result of that attack, one month ago, the Boko-Haram members have regrouped and are killing the people of Kala-Balge community. In fact, as I am talking to you now, almost all the people of Kala-Balge villages and towns have fled. Some of them are in the bor­der between Cameroon and Nigeria while some are in the bush.

“Only on Tuesday, I was informed that a woman gave birth to a baby girl in the bush. There was no water, no shelter and no food because it is a semi-desert area and there are no trees there. So the people there, even those in the borders, live under scorching sun.”

* Boko Haram insurgents in northern Nigeria

* Boko Haram insurgents in northern Nigeria

The community leader, who said he had not heard from his mother and many of his rela­tives who fled since the sus­tained attacks on Kala-Balge, appealed to the Federal Gov­ernment to deploy troops to the community and bring relief materials to the people of Kala-Balge.

The Boko Haram insurgents have claimed responsibility for many attacks in the Kala-Balge community and most of the attacks are not reported.

A large group of Boko Haram members was reported on May 31, 2014, to have killed over 40 people and left multiple building destroyed in Kala Balge community. 

And about 40 soldiers of the Nigerian Army were said to be held in captivity by civilians in Kala-Balge village, Borno State, for over two weeks some weeks ago.

The suspected military men were caught the day residents of the community defended themselves from Boko Haram assault and killed about 200 insurgents.

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