Power supply to improve as VRA vows to restore 300 megawatts in July

The Volta River Authority says it is working hard to restore an additional 300 megawatts of electricity by July 17.

Defective power generating equipment across the country has meant cuts in power supply to consumers.

The situation has had deleterious effect on productivity as many business complain of high cost of production.

There are concerns the situation could even worsen as the Bui Power Authority announces cuts in production due to a drop in the level of water in the dam.

Chief Executive Officer of the Volta River Authority, Kirk Koffi, says power supply to homes must improve by the middle of next month.

“One machine has been down since February. They have been struggling to bring it back on line. It should have been back on line before Easter but as we speak today they still have challenges with it.

“They have brought so many experts but it is still down due to high vibration level.That machine is what is also causing some of the challenges we have today. It is difficult for me to tell you exactly when it will back on line. It is 100 megawatts,” he stated.

Kirk Koffi said 40 megawatts has been added as a result of repair of the T2 machine.

He stated that by the middle of July, 300 megawatts would have been added to shore up the energy supply and that would improve the situation.

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