‘Kufuor Did Not Help’ Nonsense Must Cease! Arthur K. Tells NPP

Dr. Arthur Kennedy, one of the no-nonsense members of the oppositions New Patriotic Party (NPP) has implored the circular firing squad within the party, as it prepares to go for primaries, to cease the ‘Kufuor did not help’ mud they have started throwing at the former president.

This “Kufuor did not help” nonsense must cease!! It bespeaks ingratitude by those who know or should know better. It is helpful that right on cue, Nana Addo has issued a belated denial of the charge that Kufuor did not help after his palace guard has spent the better part of the last year aggressively spreading those rumours. At some point, one rumour had the former President teaming up with the Asantehene to persuade the Supreme Court to decide for President Mahama in the court case! The author of “Chasing the Elephant into The Bush” stated in his latest statement issued yesterday.

He has also advised those pressing the “Nana is too old” advocates must hush. Growing old is a blessing and we should celebrate the fact that a man who has given so much for so long is—by the grace of God, willing to give more, even in old age. Politics is not soccer where one must ran and jump. If Nana is fit and healthy, let him contest. All things being equal, his age is an asset— provided that he is healthy. There certainly are valid grounds for being against Nana Addo candidacy but age should not be one of them.

Surprisingly, Arthur Kennedy lamented that it was NPP members who have never in their lives lifted their voice in criticism of the NDC that are engaged in tearing down their own wit venom that is a wonder to behold.

“If this attitude continues, one of these days, we shall find that our party membership is limited to one region or one town – or one family. Elections are won with people and we must stop driving our best talents away.

We must have a primary focused on important issues – including accountability, electability, unity and the nation’s pain,” stated Arthur Kennedy.