It Appears Rawlings Doesn’t See The Evil He Perpetuated On June 4 – Prof. Oquaye

A former Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament has cautioned against making the June 4th uprising an annual event.

Professor Mike Oquaye, in an interview with Okay FM stated that former President Rawlings was rather rubbing salt into the wounds of generations whose family members suffered under his tyrannical regime anytime talks about the celebration comes up.

He advised him to simply “shut up” and thank his stars for the amnesty the 1992 constitution guarantees him.

“He (Rawlings) has shed uncountable human blood. Recently, I had an encounter with a gentleman whose dad was murdered by Rawlings’ men.

I regretted listening to the story and invoking the painful memory the man kept. If I should reveal what he said to me, many spirit would be dampened”, he revealed.

“Many are grieving because of this same June 4th uprising commemoration and it is sad to see ex-president Rawlings glorifying the event yearly. The constitution tells us to pardon him but it appears he doesn’t see the evil he committed.

He should bear in mind that if he hadn’t sin, he wouldn’t have been given the indemnity condition stipulated in the 1992 constitution. ”

Professor Mike Oquaye posited as a nation, we need to scrap out the June 4th celebration if we want to progress and live in peace.